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THE TRIBE | Tracy Maynard, Toronto

March 19, 2019

Meet Tracy – a true Toronto RIDE or DIE, Tracy has been showing up and bringing the heat since the UNDRGRND days. You can always count on Tracy to RIDE bright and early, front row, tapping it back with incredible strength and energy. What do you do for your 9-5? […]

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RIDE OR DIE | Sarah Kreisman, Instructor

March 12, 2019

Meet Sarah – a Toronto Instructor, also known as theme RIDE Queen and an all around vibrant human. Every class Sarah teaches is fuelled with an undeniable passion for creating a sweaty, challenging, heart opening RIDE. Her love of fitness, music and fun is both motivating and inspiring. Where did […]

RIDE OR DIE | Meagan Renshaw, Instructor

March 6, 2019

Meet Meagan – a Vancouver Instructor who brings authenticity, fire and inspiration to every RIDE she teaches. She’ll motivate you to be your best self on the bike, always leading with a big heart and love for music. Where did you grow up? I’m North Shore born and raised. I […]

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RIDE OR DIE | Jess Graves, Instructor

February 26, 2019

Meet Jess – originally a Vancouver Rider, turned Vancouver Instructor, who now teaches at our Ossington Studio with her infamous class, The Graveyard, Sundays at 11:45am. Jess will make you work hard, overcome obstacles and encourage you to truly show up for yourself – all while boasting a 1000 watt […]

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RIDE OR DIE | Taylor Fernuik, Instructor

February 19, 2019

Meet Taylor – a Vancouver Instructor who has been riding since the Hamilton UNDRGRND days. You can expect high energy, lots of fire and long-ass isolations that don’t feel so long thanks to his fun vibe and sense of humour (get ready to crack a smile or two). Where did […]

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THE TRIBE | Natty Zavitz, Toronto

February 12, 2019

Get to know Natty – a die-hard Toronto Rider who has been coming to RIDE for over two years. If Natty is riding, you’ll likely know it – his energy and enthusiasm are infectious. We’re so grateful to have Natty as part of our Ossington community. What do you do […]

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RIDE OR DIE | Cat Kamel, Instructor

February 5, 2019

Meet Cat – an Ossington Instructor who draws people in with her unique combination of kindness and motivation. She is approachable, fun, and leads every RIDE in a way that makes Riders feel supported and encouraged. Where did you grow up? Ottawa! Can you remember your first RIDE class? How […]

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RIDE OR DIE | Matt Sicoly, Instructor

January 29, 2019

Meet Matt – an Ossington Instructor who fills the room with passion, intensity, and a whole lot of heart. Whether it’s your first time at RIDE or your 200th, it’s impossible to not feed off of Matt’s incredible energy and love for music. If you’re looking for a mix of […]

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RIDE OR DIE | Rebecca Amare, Instructor

December 19, 2018

Meet Rebecca – an Ossington Instructor known for her signature hip hop vibe. She’s fun-loving, approachable, and offers a RIDE experience that is the perfect combination of a great sweat and fun time. Where did you grow up? I grew up in Scarborough, in a small area called 400. Honestly, I grew […]

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RIDE Kits | The Countdown is On

December 7, 2018

With our Kitsilano studio opening just around the corner, we wanted to take a moment to put the spotlight on some of the team behind RIDE Kits– those that have been busy planning, training and getting the studio ready for opening day. We sat down with Ashley Ander, RIDE co-founder, and Brooke […]

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RIDE OR DIE | Raegan Place, Instructor

December 4, 2018

Get to know Raegan – a Vancouver Instructor and OG Rider who brings passion, energy and motivation to every single RIDE. Raegan offers the perfect mix of challenge and fun – she’ll make you push yourself while feeling confident and strong. Where did you grow up? I grew up outside of Toronto, […]

RIDE OR DIE | Reilly Stephens, Instructor

November 14, 2018

Meet Reilly – one of our newest additions to the RIDE Ossington Instructor team. Reilly was a die-hard Rider for months, bringing incredible energy, power and enthusiasm to most 6AM classes. We’re so excited to have Reilly up on the podium sharing her passion for music, sweat and community. Where did you grow […]