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100 RIDES IN 82 DAYS | Brigid Towler

April 26, 2018

Meet Brigid – one of the happiest humans we’ve had the pleasure of getting to know who took on a personal challenge of completing 100 rides in 100 days. Brigid crushed her goal and became an integral part of the RIDE Ossington community along the way. Known for always smiling […]

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RIDE OR DIE | Brooke Roth, RIDE Instructor

April 11, 2018

Get to know Brooke – one of our OG Vancouver instructors who has been with us since day one. Brooke brings intensity and motivation to every AM RIDE – and is often spotted with her daughter, aka resident RIDE baby, Bowie. Where did you grow up? Toronto Ontario! Then to […]

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THE TRIBE | John Ferrie, Vancouver

April 4, 2018

Get to know John – this creative hustler embraces so much of what RIDE is all about – a love of community, a thirst for sweat, and an incredible energy that lifts people up around him. Read on to learn about RIDE’s profound impact on John’s life – as John […]

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RIDE OR DIE | Michael Kong, RIDE Instructor

March 27, 2018

Meet Michael – an OG Instructor who’s been tapping it back since RIDE first opened its doors. Whether you’ve seen Michael from afar on Instagram (his bleach blonde flow and knockout abs are hard to miss), or you’re a regular at his classes, you know he brings it. Every damn time. […]

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THE TRIBE | Kate Chippindale, TORONTO

March 20, 2018

Get to know KATE – a RIDE regular whose positive vibe and warm smile makes our day – even at 6 in the morning. Kate also happens to be one of the co-founders of Bad Girls Collective, a growing community that unites badass women in Toronto who are on the […]

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RIDE OR DIE | Alex Bergquist, RIDE Instructor

December 18, 2017

Meet ALEX – originally from Vancouver, she brought the RIDE vibes with her to Toronto and played an integral role in building the RIDE Ossington community. Known for her killer 6AMs and bangers, get to know ALEX’s RIDE story, favourite Toronto spots, hidden talents and more. Where did you grow […]

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November 12, 2017

When you look at the strength and bond of our community, it’s hard to believe that we opened our doors just 3 years ago. For many of us, it feels like we’ve been friends for a lifetime. In light of us hitting this milestone, we thought we’d give a little […]

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JUST IN: Ride Cycle Club is getting a blog

October 30, 2017

At RIDE, we pride ourselves as being so much more than a spin studio. When you show up to RIDE with us, you’re joining a diverse community of riders with the common love of challenging our bodies, growing stronger, getting lost in our music, and sweating…a lot. We don’t RIDE […]