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RIDE OR DIE | Rebecca Amare, Instructor

December 19, 2018

Meet Rebecca – an Ossington Instructor known for her signature hip hop vibe. She’s fun-loving, approachable, and offers a RIDE experience that is the perfect combination of a great sweat and fun time. Where did you grow up? I grew up in Scarborough, in a small area called 400. Honestly, I grew […]

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RIDE Kits | The Countdown is On

December 7, 2018

With our Kitsilano studio opening just around the corner, we wanted to take a moment to put the spotlight on some of the team behind RIDE Kits– those that have been busy planning, training and getting the studio ready for opening day. We sat down with Ashley Ander, RIDE co-founder, and Brooke […]

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RIDE OR DIE | Raegan Place, Instructor

December 4, 2018

Get to know Raegan – a Vancouver Instructor and OG Rider who brings passion, energy and motivation to every single RIDE. Raegan offers the perfect mix of challenge and fun – she’ll make you push yourself while feeling confident and strong. Where did you grow up? I grew up outside of Toronto, […]

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RIDE OR DIE | Reilly Stephens, Instructor

November 14, 2018

Meet Reilly – one of our newest additions to the RIDE Ossington Instructor team. Reilly was a die-hard Rider for months, bringing incredible energy, power and enthusiasm to most 6AM classes. We’re so excited to have Reilly up on the podium sharing her passion for music, sweat and community. Where did you grow […]

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KITSILANO | Key pre or post RIDE hangouts

November 8, 2018

With just weeks until we open our third Vancouver studio in beautiful Kitsilano, we thought we’d share some of our favourite spots for pre and post RIDE hangouts, eats and good times to get you excited for our new RIDE Kits community. TurF Workout. Hangout. Takeout. All of the things […]

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THE TRIBE | Jasmin Shim, Toronto

November 6, 2018

Meet Jas – a Toronto Rider and one of the friendly faces behind RIDE Ossington’s front desk. Jas is a true ray of sunshine – her kind, friendly and warm energy is loved by all who RIDE. You can always count on Jas to bring the fun and laughs to every shift […]

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RIDE OR DIE | Rowan Morse, Instructor & Studio Manager

October 30, 2018

Meet Rowan – our jack-of-all-trades Lonsdale Studio Manager and RIDE Instructor in Vancouver. She’s played an integral role in building up our amazing Lonsdale community since opening our doors on the North Shore. And, if you’re looking for a class with lots of fire and passion, Rowan has got you […]

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RIDE OR DIE | Dezmond Cholod, Toronto

October 23, 2018

Get to know Dez – our Studio Manager of RIDE Ossington who’s passion and love of community and sweat is felt by every Rider, every staff and every Instructor. Since joining RIDE, we’ve had the pleasure of witnessing Dez grow into an incredible Rider, Manager, and friend. What do you […]

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RIDE OR DIE | Hartman Ho, Vancouver

October 16, 2018

Meet Hartman – for our Vancouver Riders, you know all about his warmth and kindness. Whether it’s helping a new Rider at front desk or tapping it back in the front row, Hartman brings dedication and passion to the RIDE community that is felt by all of us on the […]

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RIDE OR DIE | Latonya Williams, Instructor

October 10, 2018

Meet Latonya – our newest RIDE Instructor who officially joined our team this Fall in Vancouver. Latonya’s energy, passion and fire is inspiring and can be felt in each and every one of her classes. Since deciding to make teaching her goal, Latonya has shown incredible dedication and focus – […]

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THE TRIBE | Tomas Hucal, Toronto

October 2, 2018

Get to know Tomas – a Toronto Rider famous for never sitting down and bringing serious heat to Ossington 6AMs. Tomas has been coming to RIDE since our early beginnings, and you can always count on him for showing up rain, snow or shine with a big smile, insane energy […]

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RIDE OR DIE | Marlon Thompson, Instructor

September 25, 2018

Get to know Marlon – a Vancouver Instructor who brings his heart and soul into each and every RIDE – and it shows. Marlon’s classes offer a unique blend of realness, challenge and honesty – it’s not about being perfect, but connecting to yourself and having fun while you’re at […]