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March 22, 2020

RIDE TRAINING CLUB – Originally designed for the RIDE CYCLE CLUB instructor training program, this off-bike method teaches riders to connect with their core, find the beat, and keep the leading leg. The repetition of movement in this video will allow you to master the basics – like any sport […]


March 15, 2020

Dear RIDE CYCLE CLUB Community, In addition to temporarily closing our Toronto studios, we have also made the difficult decision to temporarily close our Vancouver studios to do our part in keeping our community healthy. Starting Tuesday, March 17th, 2020 all RIDE CYCLE CLUB studios will be temporarily closed until […]

GRL PWR; extraordinary possibilities

March 6, 2020

[de·clare] To make known formally or officially; proclaim. “I DECLARE that I will quiet any self-doubt and move forward with confidence.” – Ashley A.   To all of you, my favourite people. Someone once told me that there are three things in life that hold us back. FEAR – of […]

THE COMMUNITY | Christina Lumba, Vancouver

February 1, 2020

Meet Christina – a Vancouver RIDE or DIE who over the past year has become an integral part 0f our RIDE Hamilton community. She shows up in a big way and brings the spirit and drive that defines our RIDE tribe. We love you Christina! What do you do for […]

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THE COMMUNITY | Martin Lee, Toronto

December 20, 2019

Meet Martin – an undeniable force and presence at RIDE in Toronto. Since taking his first class in the summer, he’s been a staple and an immediate addition to our family. From bringing the entire team coffee (on multiple occasions), to helping the staff fold towels before & after class, […]

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THE COMMUNITY | Matthew Collins, Toronto

October 28, 2019

Meet Matthew – though currently living in L.A, ask any Toronto Instructor (and most regulars) that he’s known around the studio as a regular RIDE OR DIE. Matthew’s energy and love of the RIDE community is infectious – his personality and passion for life are felt on and off the […]

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October 25, 2019

This month marks another big milestone for RIDE CYCLE CLUB –celebrating 5 incredible years of sweat, community and growth. To celebrate, we connected with Ashley Ander, Co-Founder + Head of Brand here at RIDE. Read on as Ashley reflects on the community, what we’ve built, and what’s to come. After […]

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RIDE OR DIE | Calida Kuzek, Instructor

September 20, 2019

Meet Calida – a Toronto Instructor who began her teaching journey with the West Coast RIDE family. A professional dancer, Calida brings incredible rhythm and musicality to her classes, not to mention an unreal repertoire of hip hop. Get to know Calida! Where did you grow up? I grew up […]

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RIDE OR DIE | James Knipe, Instructor

August 20, 2019

Meet James – a Vancouver Instructor who owns themed RIDES and curates playlists that make you want to dance (and let’s be honest, sing). Always blending fun and intensity, James’ class offer 50 minutes of freedom to be your truest self – honouring whatever you’re feeling that day. Where did […]

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RIDE OR DIE | Emily Palley-Samson, Instructor

July 30, 2019

Meet Emily – an Ossington Instructor who defines what it means to honour your uniqueness, both on and off the bike. Emily’s classes are just that – unique. She makes every Rider, new and old, feel welcome and a part of the pack. She challenges you and pushes you to […]

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THE COMMUNITY | Dylan Fonger, Toronto

July 2, 2019

Meet Dylan – a goal-crushing Toronto Rider who brings positivity, humour, and an all around great vibe to our Toronto RIDE community – even at 6AM. His energy, charisma and howling is infectious, and as you’ll read below, he’s become an integral part of our amazing group of die hard […]