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THE TRIBE | Lindsey Banks, Toronto

September 18, 2018

Meet Lindsey – an Ossington #rideordie who embodies everything RIDE stands for: supportive, fun, dedicated, and has a deep love for community. Whether it’s helping Riders at front desk or whipping her towel in the front row at 6AM hyping up the room, Lindsey has an energy and passion for […]

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RIDE OR DIE | Taylor Aplas, Instructor

September 11, 2018

Get to know Taylor – a Vancouver-born Ossington Instructor, Taylor knows how to command the room with a motivating yet laid-back vibe. On and off the bike, she’s inspiring, fun(ny), kind and loves a good challenge. Where did you grow up? Born and raised in Vancouver! Not far from the […]

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THE TRIBE | Jennifer Traub, Vancouver

September 3, 2018

Meet Jen – a Vancouver Rider who’s face is both well-known and loved at our Hamilton studio. Known for often doubling or tripling classes, Jen has an incredible energy and drive to RIDE – all while managing a demanding career and involvement in charity work throughout the city. Get to […]

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RIDE OR DIE | Dani Pagnan, Instructor

August 28, 2018

Get to know Dani – known for her laid back yet motivating teaching style, killer abs and that signature voice, we can always count on Dani for a RIDE experience that is the perfect mix of fun and challenging. She keeps things chill while getting you to work hard and […]

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THE TRIBE | Brad & Melissa, Toronto

August 24, 2018

Meet RIDE Ossington power couple Bradley Hammond and Melissa Di Costanzo. You can always count on them to bring the heat to Dani and Cat’s classes, and their warmth and love of community is felt and appreciated by the RIDE staff and Instructors. It’s riders like Brad and Melissa that […]

LONSDALE | Key Pre-or-Post RIDE Hangouts

August 21, 2018

Since opening our doors in North Vancouver almost a year ago, we’ve come to know and love the tight knit community of Lonsdale that we now call home. We asked our staff, Instructors and community to share their favourite North Van spots for pre-or-post RIDE – here is what you […]

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RIDE OR DIE | Barb Barrington-Foote, Instructor

August 14, 2018

Get to know Barb – a Vancouver Instructor with a bigger-than-life personality who plays an integral role in our West Coast community. Whether it’s 6:00AM on a Tuesday or 5:15PM on a Friday, you can always count on Barb to walk into the studio with an infectious energy, warmth…and a […]

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THE TRIBE | Ashley Dier, Toronto

August 7, 2018

Meet Ashley – a Toronto rider whose passion for the RIDE experience and warm, friendly presence is felt in a big way. You can count on Ashley for always showing up, introducing friends to the RIDE community, and sharing how RIDE impacts her on a daily basis. What do you […]

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RIDE OR DIE | Danielle Burton, Instructor

July 31, 2018

Meet Danielle – a Vancouver Instructor whose energy, rhythm and passion for RIDE has played an integral part in building our West Coast community. For Danielle, it wasn’t necessarily love at first RIDE – rather, she saw an opportunity to challenge herself and create a positive workout experience for others […]

RIDE OR DIE | Winter Tekenos-Levy, RIDE Instructor

July 24, 2018

Meet Winter – Ossington Instructor and resident Queen of Hip-hop. On and off the bike, Winter is a true artist – and whether she’s leading you through fast-legs or a slow climb, it shows. Known for famously incorporating the “Free Willy song” into her playlist, she offers a fun, chill […]

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THE TRIBE | Shauna McMahon, Toronto

July 17, 2018

Meet Shauna – a Toronto rider who has been riding with us since day one. Shauna shows up for most 6AM rides – and you’ll never hear her complain about the early hour. Instead, she brings a warm smile and genuine love for an early sweat – every time. Her […]

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RIDE OR DIE | Jaclyn McClements, Instructor

July 10, 2018

Get to know Jacs – a Vancouver instructor with a big heart and fun-loving vibe that lights up the studio. Jacs has been riding with us since our OG days – what began as a favourite way to sweat has evolved into a passion for empowering riders. Always one to […]