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Introducing TRAINING CLUB: MAT SESSIONS. A 55-minute strength class designed to incorporate RIDE CYCLE CLUB’s signature principle of rhythm and power into an off-bike low-intensity full body workout using weights and body resistance on a mat.

During your class you can expect the same intimate candlelight experience with curated playlists from your favourite RIDE instructors.

Open to all fitness levels and currently running in our Yaletown studio. Kits and Lonsdale to come soon!

Sign up for MAT SESSIONS through the RIDE App or website.


What should I bring to a MAT SESSIONS class?

– Please bring your own mat, water, and sneakers. Weights will be provided in studio (optional).

Can I use my RIDE class pack for MAT SESSIONS?

– Yes, only existing RIDE class packs can be used. You will need to contact us at info@ridecycleclub.com to transfer your RIDE classes to MAT SESSION classes before you book in with us for MAT SESSIONS. 1 RIDE class = 1 MAT SESSION.

Can I use my Unlimited Membership?

– At this time unlimited memberships cannot be used for MAT SESSIONS. All unlimited memberships will continue to stay on hold.

Can I drop-in to a MAT SESSIONS class?

– No drop-in’s allowed. In order to attend a class you must pre-book through the RIDE app or website. Classes can be booked 1-week in advance.

Will MAT SESSIONS be available in all RIDE studios?

– We currently offer MAT SESSIONS at our Yaletown studio with plans to expand the offering to our Kitsilano and Lonsdale locations. As we continue to navigate during the pandemic, we will bring MAT SESSIONS to each of our RIDE locations.

Will RIDE SAFE be in effect?

– Absolutely. All RIDE SAFE protocols will be in effect pre and post class. Including our recent modifications for MAT SESSIONS:

  • Please arrive with your mask and in appropriate workout apparel 5-minutes before class to accommodate our health check and allow for setup. At this time no change rooms will be available.
  • Please only bring your essentials to class. Lockers will be made available for outerwear.
  • There are only 5 spots available in each class.
  • All designated spots are distanced 2.5 m on all sides of the mat from other class participants.
  • Instructors will remain on podium throughout the class to ensure a safe distance from all participants.
  • No cheering, hooting, and wooing will be permitted within the studio.
  • Only one client at a time during entering and exiting the studio.

Can I book a private MAT SESSIONS Class?

– More info to come on private MAT SESSION classes!