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ride cycle club

RIDE OR DIE | Jocelyn Erickson, Instructor

April 24, 2019

Meet Jocelyn, more commonly known as Joc – a Vancouver Instructor with a heart of gold and mega passion for sweat. Joc commands the room with power and grace – always focusing on form while encouraging you to get lost in the music. Get to know Joc and how RIDE […]

ride cycle club

RIDE OR DIE | Elizabeth Pipes, Instructor

April 17, 2019

Meet Elizabeth, or better known as “Pipes” around the Oss studio. Liz has been instructing since we first opened our Ossington doors, offering classes that are the perfect mix of fiery and approachable. Get to know Liz and be sure to hit up her Saturday 11:45AM RIDE to start your […]

ride cycle club

RIDE OR DIE | Brendan Sorichetti, Instructor

April 2, 2019

Meet Brendan – a Toronto Instructor who joined the roster in 2018, but take his class and you’d assume he had years of RIDE under his belt. Brendan teaches with an infectious love of sweat, music and physical challenge, all while creating a welcoming, authentic and smile-inducing vibe. You can […]