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100 RIDES IN 82 DAYS | Brigid Towler

April 26, 2018

Meet Brigid – one of the happiest humans we’ve had the pleasure of getting to know who took on a personal challenge of completing 100 rides in 100 days. Brigid crushed her goal and became an integral part of the RIDE Ossington community along the way. Known for always smiling […]

ride cycle club

RIDE OR DIE | Brooke Roth, RIDE Instructor

April 11, 2018

Get to know Brooke – one of our OG Vancouver instructors who has been with us since day one. Brooke brings intensity and motivation to every AM RIDE – and is often spotted with her daughter, aka resident RIDE baby, Bowie. Where did you grow up? Toronto Ontario! Then to […]

ride cycle club

THE COMMUNITY | John Ferrie, Vancouver

April 4, 2018

Get to know John – this creative hustler embraces so much of what RIDE is all about – a love of community, a thirst for sweat, and an incredible energy that lifts people up around him. Read on to learn about RIDE’s profound impact on John’s life – as John […]