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RIDE OR DIE | Marlon Thompson, Instructor

September 25, 2018

Get to know Marlon – a Vancouver Instructor who brings his heart and soul into each and every RIDE – and it shows. Marlon’s classes offer a unique blend of realness, challenge and honesty – it’s not about being perfect, but connecting to yourself and having fun while you’re at […]

ride cycle club

THE COMMUNITY | Lindsey Banks, Toronto

September 18, 2018

Meet Lindsey – an Ossington #rideordie who embodies everything RIDE stands for: supportive, fun, dedicated, and has a deep love for community. Whether it’s helping Riders at front desk or whipping her towel in the front row at 6AM hyping up the room, Lindsey has an energy and passion for […]

ride cycle club

RIDE OR DIE | Taylor Aplas, Instructor

September 11, 2018

Get to know Taylor – a Vancouver-born Ossington Instructor, Taylor knows how to command the room with a motivating yet laid-back vibe. On and off the bike, she’s inspiring, fun(ny), kind and loves a good challenge. Where did you grow up? Born and raised in Vancouver! Not far from the […]

ride cycle club

THE COMMUNITY | Jennifer Traub, Vancouver

September 3, 2018

Meet Jen – a Vancouver Rider who’s face is both well-known and loved at our Hamilton studio. Known for often doubling or tripling classes, Jen has an incredible energy and drive to RIDE – all while managing a demanding career and involvement in charity work throughout the city. Get to […]