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THE COMMUNITY | Jennifer Traub, Vancouver

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Meet Jen – a Vancouver Rider who’s face is both well-known and loved at our Hamilton studio. Known for often doubling or tripling classes, Jen has an incredible energy and drive to RIDE – all while managing a demanding career and involvement in charity work throughout the city. Get to know Jen!

What do you do for your 9-5?

I’m a securities lawyer, specializing in mining. And not sure my hours have ever been 9-5. 🙂

If your bestie were to describe you in three words, what would they be?

Loyal, determined and strong (not necessarily in the physical sense).

How long have you been coming to RIDE?

Just over two years, since May 2016.

What motivates you to get your ass to class?


How has RIDE impacted your life?

It has given me an outlet and an escape from the stresses of life.

Outside of your 9-5 – tell us about all the badass things you’re up to

I’m involved in a number of charities, the one I’m most proud of is my role in the Daffodil Ball in support of the Canadian Cancer Society. I have been a member of the organizing committee for five years, four of which have been as co-chair, raising almost $10M during such time for cancer research. I regularly do the Grouse Grind with clients in a challenge format for best time (my personal best is 48:11 – not bad for a Toronto girl who didn’t grow up with mountains!), I did the Ride to Conquer Cancer (Vancouver to Seattle) in 2015 in the crazy wind storm and I did the Tough Mudder in Whistler in 2016.

In your opinion, what makes RIDE’s community so unique?

The combination of badass’ness and camaraderie.

Favourite Instructor and why?

Michael Kong – MK for the win! My first class at RIDE was Michael’s Tuesday 6AM and I had no idea what the f**k was going on. His energy is incredible and classes intense (like just the right amount of intense).

Best RIDE memory?

Maybe seeing Michael twerk for the first time. But then it became kind of ordinary course.

What other workouts do you do outside of RIDE?

I weight train with my personal trainer two times a week. During the summer do the Grouse Grind and I’m trying to get back into doing some yoga classes. But my multiple RIDES per day often get in the way of other workouts! 🙂

Song you’ve got on repeat?

Maroon 5 – Girls Like You

If you could brunch with any male/lady boss (past or present), who would it be?

Audrey Hepburn

Describe your ideal Saturday in the city.

RIDE with MK at 11:45AM followed by brunch with a girlfriend complete with mimosas and then maybe some shopping and Door Dash with a movie to end the day.

Who motivates you?

My parents. I lost my Mom to cancer in September 2016. She still motivates me and I feel her presence and strength with me always, including during class. A couple times I may have been overdoing it (like four back-to-back classes, oops) and for no apparent reason her necklace that I never take off came undone almost like a sign to ease up. My Dad motivates me to always do better in everything I do which I try to strive for every RIDE class (sometimes more successfully than others).

Fave quote or words to live by?

Nothing is free (from my Dad).

Last book you read was….

I don’t read much for pleasure as I need to read a lot (of boring stuff) for work. But I just read The Alchemist.

What does RIDE mean to you?

EVERYTHING. Sounds corny but I truly love RIDE. Feels like home and gives me a real sense of grounding. I just got back from three glorious weeks at the family cottage back east in Muskoka but was so exciting to get back to RIDE!