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THE TRIBE | Tracy Maynard, Toronto

March 19, 2019

Meet Tracy ā€“ a true Toronto RIDE or DIE, Tracy has been showing up and bringing the heat since the UNDRGRND days. You can always count on Tracy to RIDE bright and early, front row, tapping it back with incredible strength and energy. What do you do for your 9-5? […]

ride cycle club

RIDE OR DIE | Sarah Kreisman, Instructor

March 12, 2019

Meet Sarah ā€“ a Toronto Instructor, also known as theme RIDE Queen and an all around vibrant human. Every class Sarah teaches is fuelled with an undeniable passion for creating a sweaty, challenging, heart opening RIDE. Her love of fitness, music and fun is both motivating and inspiring. Where did […]

RIDE OR DIE | Meagan Renshaw, Instructor

March 6, 2019

Meet Meagan ā€“ a Vancouver Instructor who brings authenticity, fire and inspiration to every RIDE she teaches. She’ll motivate you to be your best self on the bike, always leading with a big heart and love for music. Where did you grow up? Iā€™m North Shore born and raised. I […]