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RIDE OR DIE | Danielle Burton, Instructor

July 31, 2018

Meet Danielle – a Vancouver Instructor whose energy, rhythm and passion for RIDE has played an integral part in building our West Coast community. For Danielle, it wasn’t necessarily love at first RIDE – rather, she saw an opportunity to challenge herself and create a positive workout experience for others […]

RIDE OR DIE | Winter Tekenos-Levy, RIDE Instructor

July 24, 2018

Meet Winter – Ossington Instructor and resident Queen of Hip-hop. On and off the bike, Winter is a true artist – and whether she’s leading you through fast-legs or a slow climb, it shows. Known for famously incorporating the “Free Willy song” into her playlist, she offers a fun, chill […]

ride cycle club

THE COMMUNITY | Shauna McMahon, Toronto

July 17, 2018

Meet Shauna – a Toronto rider who has been riding with us since day one. Shauna shows up for most 6AM rides – and you’ll never hear her complain about the early hour. Instead, she brings a warm smile and genuine love for an early sweat – every time. Her […]

ride cycle club

RIDE OR DIE | Jaclyn McClements, Instructor

July 10, 2018

Get to know Jacs – a Vancouver instructor with a big heart and fun-loving vibe that lights up the studio. Jacs has been riding with us since our OG days – what began as a favourite way to sweat has evolved into a passion for empowering riders. Always one to […]

ride cycle club

THE COMMUNITY | John Wong, Vancouver

July 4, 2018

Get to know John – any Lonsdale rider or instructor knows John and his dedication to RIDE. Having completed the 30 Day Challenge in just 16 days, he’s proof that a strong, supportive community and encouraging instructors can help you crush even the most ambitious goals. What do you do […]