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RIDE OR DIE | Ash Rose, Instructor

Get to know Ash Rose – a Vancouver Instructor known for inspiring and motivating the room with real-talk. You can always count on Ash Rose to ensure every rider feels comfortable, empowered, and has a big smile on their face.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up between Bowen and Richmond (random I know) I spent the majority of any free time with my Grandparents. All my best memories are from Bowen (on the water sailing, swimming, and living the island life).

Can you remember your first RIDE class?

I do! Wow, I was TERRIFIED. I was put in the front row and luckily for me, Marlon was the Instructor. He took the time to make me feel safe and to guide me through. Towards the end of class was able to catch the leading leg. Safe to say I was hooked!

How long did it take until you realized you wanted to become an Instructor?

Within a couple of months of riding and seeing the positive impact that RIDE made on my life, I knew I wanted to bring that positivity and energy to others. As soon as RIDE announced they were opening a studio in North Vancouver I knew that was my opportunity. I started by working at the front desk and riding as much as I could, I truly learned SO much from all the talented instructors we have. I built confidence and set the goal to join the team. Here we are almost 2 years in and I am forever grateful for the community we get to be a part of daily.

How would you describe your teaching style?


I call it like it is! No bullshit and no judgment in my class. If I know holding that isolation is going to be hard, I will let you know and guide you on the best way to push through. I try to make it clear that its OK to not be OK. This is a safe space. Lean in and let go.

Best part of being an Instructor is…

The community – hands down. Lonsdale holds a HUGE place in my heart ❤️ It’s where I started and grew into the instructor I am today. I have just recently joined the Hamilton studio, and already I am blown away by the community there and look forward to meeting new riders!

Track you’ve had on repeat.

I’m obsessed with ‘Difficult to love’ by Elderbrook (the Amtrak Remix)

Or ‘Body Shock’ by Shakecraft (extended mix) – this will fire a room right up!


I love a good AM RIDE – it really is the best way to start any day! Don’t get me wrong, PM RIDE’s are fun, but if you know me, I am in bed by 8pm (#goals).

Favourite way to sweat outside of RIDE?

I just started running, which took me a while to fall in love with, but truly a great way to sweat. I recently started training with Gabby Villasenor (Fuelled by Feeling) and I’ve been LOVING it. Each session is a fully mind+body workout. She’s absolute magic.

How has becoming a RIDE Instructor changed you?

My mental state and overall physical state has changed drastically; it’s given me greater confidence in myself and has boosted my overall mood day-to-day. Before this journey I was in a very dark space, RIDE pulled me out of it and brought me to where I am today. I can say with full confidence – RIDE saved me.

Go-to quote or words to live by?

Scared? Good, we will not grow by staying inside that comfort zone.

Who motivates you?

This is a tough question…I would say the RIDE community and hands down my family and friends.

Favourite book?

I’m obsessed with the Lord of The Rings trilogy. I’ve read each book at least once every two years since I was 17. I can quote the movies and I’m just going to say this…. Sam is the hero of that story.

What’s your #1 life hack?

Fall in love with a chef!

Where can we find you on a Saturday afternoon in the city?

If it’s a sunny day, you will find me in Lolo enjoying a patio happy hour, but if it’s raining I’m 100% curled up with Netflix.

Any hidden or not so hidden talents?

I’m really good at Ping Pong and Badminton.

If you could brunch with any person (past or present), who would it be and why?

Jason Mamoa – if you know, you know. Can you imagine mimosas with Mamoa? Say that 3x fast.

But in all seriousness, I would LOVE to have brunch with my Nan one more time. She was always the life of any get-together and could bring a smile to my face to matter what.

Best memory since you joined RIDE?

Seawheeze 2019 – the energy the RIDE team carried and seeing all the runners follow their dreams and crush their goals was unforgettable.

#1 piece of advice for someone looking to have a killer RIDE?

Don’t hold any expectations or compare yourself to others in the class. Don’t compete but vibe off the rider next to you. Everyone is at a different place and every RIDE will feel different. Show up, do the work and be the best you can each class.

What has you stoked on life right now?

FOOD! My boyfriend is an INCREDIBLE chef. If anyone knows me, you know I am not the best with cooking. He has introduced me to so many amazing different styles of food and dishes. The deal is I have to cook twice a week to get my cooking skills going and I love it!

RIDE with Ash Rose – find her on the Lonsdale and Hamilton schedule or online through RIDE EXT