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THE COMMUNITY | Jonathan & Ian, Toronto

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Meet Jonathan & Ian – Ossington’s resident RIDE or DIE couple who completed a combined 60 rides in 18 days during our 30 Day Challenge (Jonathan completed the challenge in 16 days, with Ian right there with him in 18 days). Come to any 6 or 7am in Toronto and you’re pretty much guaranteed to see one of them or both front and center, whipping their towels and tapping it back like there’s no tomorrow.

What do you do for your 9-5?

J – I work in sales.

I – Art Direction for Sephora.

If your bestie were to describe you in three words, what would they be?

J – Creature of habit.

I – Quiet, calm and tall.

How long have you been coming to RIDE?

J – Since the studio opened in Toronto last March. I was going to the UNDGRND for a bit too.

I – I started officially last April, so just about a year now.

What motivates you to get your ass to class?

J – Not paying the late cancellation fee? Lol! But seriously…waking up at 5:30am to do anything let alone work out was definitely an adjustment. Now it’s just the norm and the fact that other people are just as crazy as me gets me out the door for those 6am classes. Knowing that I’m going to see friends and get in a good sweat…that motivates me. It’s also a place where I can focus on just myself and tune the rest of the world out. We all need that sometimes.

I – I like the group atmosphere. It’s a lot easier to motivate myself in a room with 50 other people all doing the same thing. Plus, the music is fun and it gives you a good endorphin ‘high’.

How has RIDE impacted your life?

J – RIDE was something I needed and didn’t realize I needed. Fitness was never a part of my life and now I can’t see my life without it. RIDE has also introduced me to an amazing community of people that I’m so grateful for. I’m a better version of myself because of RIDE. I also have never owned so much athletic wear or done more laundry in my life.

I – Aside from the obvious health benefits, it gives me something to look forward to every day (especially when I’m having a bad day). The sense of community is great and I’ve met a ton of awesome people because of it.

Outside of your 9-5 – tell us about all the badass things you’re up to.

J – I think I’m actually pretty boring. However, now that summer has finally shown up I think a lot more “badass” things are upon us. All the park, patio and bbq hangs…

I’m also very big on being a tourist in your own city. There are so many “badass” places to explore and things to do that are within arms reach. I’m excited to do more of that.

I – I’m pretty boring too. I do love to travel though. Jon and I spent 2 weeks traveling through Italy last Fall and it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life so far.

In your opinion, what makes RIDE’s community so unique?

J – All worlds collide at RIDE. I’ve been able to revive and strengthen relationships with friends and made so many amazing new ones. It’s a nice feeling knowing that I can walk into RIDE and I will always have a friend there. It’s kinda like the show Cheers where “everyone knows your name”.

I – There’s like zero attitude or pretension at RIDE. It’s funny because we all joke that it’s like a ‘cult’, but really everyone is welcome and at any fitness level. It’s just a good time!

Favourite instructor and why?

J –Everyone is great for different reasons. Top of mind I’d have to say Alex. She really knows how to kick my ass and motivate me to be better! She also bullies *ahem* motivates me to go to classes I never intended on going to…even if that means it’s my third RIDE of the day. And I love her for that.

Dani, she really knows how to get my day going and has introduced me to so much new music. I’m always asking her what songs she’s playing.

Winter and Rebecca..sometimes I feel like they’ve stolen my iPod and just pressed play. I could really make a point for why everyone is my “favourite”. I don’t like this question, I love everyone….NEXT!

I – I think they’re all great this isn’t a fair question! I will say that Alex and Taylor really push your limits the most though. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing? Haha.

Best RIDE memory?

J –There have been so many. One would be my birthday ride when Alex let me RIDE on the podium with her. It was a class filled with family and friends. I felt such a high riding on the podium and seeing it from that perspective was super cool. Completing the 30 Day Challenge would be my most recent highlight. I wanted to push myself to see how quickly I could do it. I finished in 16 days and I am super proud of myself. Also I think my face still hurts from smiling at the RIDE vs. SPICE GIRLS class (Cat prancing around the room in heels just makes me smile.)

I –Definitely riding the podium with Alex was memorable. Completing my first ‘30 RIDES in 30 DAYS’ which seems like nothing now but was a big deal at the time! Or maybe when we cheered on the 10k runners outside along the waterfront. Good times!

What other workouts do you do outside of RIDE?

J– I’ve been really getting back into Lagree lately. It’s such a great compliment and contrast to RIDE. I’ve also tried Barry’s a few times. Always a challenge but I’ll keep trying at it.

I – I’m awful, it’s really all I do. I have tried Barry’s a few times and will likely be going back. I also used to swim competitively and I do miss that.

Song you’ve got on repeat?

J – I have such random taste in music. That being said, I grew up on early 90s hip hop and R&B so thats always on repeat. Think Brandy, En Vogue, Busta Rhymes, Biggie, Tribe, TLC, Missy, New Edition, etc.

I – Everything Now by Arcade Fire! We also saw them in concert last year and they were amazing.

If you could brunch with any male/lady boss (past or present), who would it be?

J – Ummmm Oprah!!!

I – I’ll just got with what he said…Oprah.

If you were to give a s/o to a local entrepreneur, who would it be?

J & I – Our girlfriend Char opened a women’s clothing store on Dundas West called Nevada Rose. She has some really amazing, fun and unique pieces that I would even wear.

Describe your ideal Saturday in the city.

J – Now that it’s summer…RIDE, brunch, hanging out in Trinity Bellwoods with the crew. Or maybe a day at island.

I – Any shopping and eating experience works for me!

Who motivates you?

J – Ian does. I’m so lucky to have him and he motivates me to be a better person in all areas of my life including RIDE. RIDE has actually made our relationship stronger. Eww that sounds sooooo cheesy (but true).

I – Thanks Jon haha. Likewise!!!! My Ride or Die…

Fave quote or words to live by?

J – “Never regret anything because at one point it is exactly what you wanted”.

I – Look up the poem Invictus by William Ernest Henley. Always loved this but too many words to write down here.

Last book you read was….

J– Do magazines count?

I – Ugh I can’t remember, and I used to read all the time. I should probably fix that.

What does RIDE mean to you?

J – It means EVERYTHING!

I – RIDE is my happy place.