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To make known formally or officially; proclaim.

“I DECLARE that I will quiet any self-doubt and move forward with confidence.”

– Ashley A.


To all of you, my favourite people.

Someone once told me that there are three things in life that hold us back. FEAR – of not knowing the outcome, SHAME – the thought of looking dumb, and IGNORANCE – the lack of knowledge.

Every person at some point in their life has allowed one of these three things to hold them back from exploring extraordinary possibilities.

Years ago, RIDE CYCLE CLUB was an extraordinary possibility that I wished one day to become a reality. As the work started, one song at a time, one RIDE at a time, one studio at a time, I had to push out of my comfort zone and internally keep repeating those 3 words FEAR, SHAME, and IGNORANCE to remind myself I was capable of creating the space I wanted.

One where anyone could walk through the doors and be completely themselves, where there was a community that helped build one another up through movement and music, and space where people gathered to find 50 min of emotional and physical freedom.

When we all get to witness the personal growth of our community members, whether it’s in their everyday lives or on the bike, we celebrate. It might be signing up for your first class, hitting all the right moves, or pushing yourself to complete a run; the truth is that your individual growth is celebrated because it affects all of us in that room.

So, allow yourself to be vulnerable with what you DECLARE. I truly believe that if you set out to create something you believe in; it can be done.

GRL PWR is real. Thank you for celebrating International Women’s Day with us.

Yours Truly,