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THE COMMUNITY | AJ Fairweather, Vancouver

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Meet AJ – a Vancouver OG Rider whose experience with RIDE runs so deep, epitomizing what our community is all about – family. Read on and get to know this incredible Rider and her story.

How long have you been coming to RIDE?

Not long after they opened so almost 4 years ago.

How has RIDE impacted your life?

RIDE is the place that I get to go to for me. When those doors close, I am not a mom, a daughter, or a co worker, I am just AJ. In all honestly it’s not even about the workout anymore. It is a release for me. If I am stressed or tense or need to let shit go, I go to RIDE. If I want to sing my heart out like I am at karaoke or dance on the bike and release energy I go to RIDE. If I need a good cry it usually happens after weights when it is dark and I look forward to that song because I know it’s coming. It gives me my sanity on days when I feel like I’m losing it. Bottom line RIDE always has my back and in 50 minutes it gets my mind clear and I leave feeling like the boss that I need to be.

Outside of your 9-5 – tell us about all the badass things you’re up to.

I am a full time single mom to a 9 year old so I get to wear that cape everyday which trust me you have to be badass to wear it.

In your opinion, what makes RIDE’s community so unique?

It is so hard to put into words so I will give you an example. Last year I lost someone tragically and unexpectedly and my life changed overnight. Within two days I think I heard from every staff member and received the most beautiful bouquet of flowers from the entire RIDE staff. The card said “Thinking of you love your RIDE Family”. I will never forget that and the support they have given me inside and outside of class. I have heard people say that RIDE can be intimidating. Come with me, RIDE beside me and I will show you that RIDE means family.

Favourite Instructor and why?

That is like asking who is your favourite child. Impossible.

Best RIDE memory?

The live drumming RIDE. It was 75 minutes and I have never experienced anything like it.

What other workouts do you do outside of RIDE?

I don’t, I just RIDE. I make adjustments like lowering my handle bars, or changing my weights up, or focusing on my core or tension, things like that which gives me all I need.

Song you’ve got on repeat?


If you could brunch with any important person (past or present), who would it be?

Diane vonFurstenberg

If you were to give a s/o to a local entrepreneur, who would it be?

My girl Ariel Swan. I have known her for 15 years and she is the definition of a Boss. Her list is long and I could fill up this whole page but most people know her for SJS and Feed the People but her latest opening in a couple of weeks is Jaybird Studio here in Vancouver. Make sure you check it out.

Describe your ideal Saturday in the city.

A double spin, brunch with bubbles and my besties and throwing the football in the park with my son.

Who motivates you?

My son Kingston.

Fave quote or words to live by?

“Don’t be a lady, be a Legend” – Stevie Nicks

What does RIDE mean to you?

Balance. The cards that I have been dealt in this life that have lead me to be who I am today. I have strength that I never knew I was capable of but in order to maintain that you need balance. RIDE gives me the space to maintain that inner strength by allowing me to be just me for 50 minutes in a day. Some days it takes two classes and a couple days this past year it took three classes but RIDE always gets me there. I have tears in that room, and I have left everything I have on that floor and other days it’s all smiles and singing to every song. But RIDE is always there to remind me I can do it. It matches the strength I have on the inside by also showing me physically that I have it on the outside as well. RIDE gives me my balance.