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RIDE OR DIE | Matt Sicoly, Instructor

ride cycle clubMeet Matt – an Ossington Instructor who fills the room with passion, intensity, and a whole lot of heart. Whether it’s your first time at RIDE or your 200th, it’s impossible to not feed off of Matt’s incredible energy and love for music. If you’re looking for a mix of fun and intensity, Matt’s got you.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario; moved to Toronto about 4 years ago. Currently I work at Facebook/Instagram Canada and as an instructor at RIDE!

Can you remember your first RIDE class? How long did it take until you realized you wanted to become an Instructor?

Ah yes, my first RIDE. I took Sarah’s class in April 2017 – it was unlike any other fitness or spin class I had ever taken. I was hooked immediately, especially to the 6AMs. I truthfully did not ever think I would be an Instructor; a few friends/colleagues encouraged me, and I reached out to a few of the instructors I knew. The process was tough – training, finding your voice, finding your style, etc. However, once I taught my first official class (Dec 2017), I was all in.

How would you describe your teaching style?

My teaching style is the exact same as my RIDE style; high energy, high intensity. I completely let go when I RIDE, and completely let go when I teach. My hope is that my energy is infectious and encourages those in my class to let go and bring their own energy/RIDE style as well!

Best part of being an Instructor is…

Amongst all the amazing parts of teaching (i.e coaching, motivating, meeting new people, etc.) one of my favourite parts is picking the perfect song, at the perfect moment, for the perfect person. When you do that, you create a very cool, special moment. Kyle did this in one of my first RIDES with him; he played Runaway – Kanye West after arms, and even years later, I still go back to that incredible moment, where I got lost and slipped into flow. Creating moments like this is my favourite part of being an Instructor.

Track you’ve had on repeat?

Going Bad – Meek Mill & Drake.

AM or PM rides?

Easy – 6AM. The group that gets together at 6AM are all the same type of Rider; they are crazy, type-A, high intensity, driven people who are looking to crush their day by starting with an insane workout. Going to 6AM inspires me and pushes me to go harder.

Favourite way to sweat outside of RIDE?

Brendan’s Barry’s Bootcamp class or Meg’s Flow in the 6ix Yoga Tree class.

How has becoming a RIDE Instructor changed you?

Being a RIDE Instructor has not necessarily changed me, but has reminded me about the importance of authenticity. Those people, riders, instructors, staffers who come to RIDE and bring their full, true selves are the ones that get the most out of the experience. If anything, RIDE has brought me confidence in not only the fitness/Instructor side of myself, but the person I am outside of RIDE.

Favourite book?

Open – Andre Agassi; Steve Jobs – Walter Isaacson; Shoe Dog – Phil Knight. (I can’t choose just one!)

What’s your #1 life hack?

Wake up early.

Where can we find you on a Saturday afternoon in the city?

Coffee Shop (Jimmys, Dark Horse, Quantuum) or napping (couch, bed, floor).

Best memory since you joined RIDE?

There’s been a lot of amazing memories since joining RIDE. The one that stands out is my first class back from my time off (September 18th, 2018). It was the loudest, craziest, most supportive group of people I’ve ever had the chance to RIDE with. It was pretty special.

#1 piece of advice for someone looking to have a killer RIDE?

Your mind will give up before your body will. Throughout class, your mind will tell you that you are too tired; your mind will tell you that you are not fit enough; your mind will tell you to sit down and will urge you to give up. If you actively don’t listen, and allow your body to keep pushing, you will have a killer RIDE. You will not only be stronger physically, but you will be stronger mentally.

What has you stoked on life right now?

Book: Can’t Hurt Hurt Me – David Goggins
Podcast: Tim Ferriss – Tony Robbins Part 2
App: Calm (meditation)

What does RIDE mean to you?

There’s a short answer and VERY long answer to this. Short answer is that Ride is more than just a fitness studio. It’s a physically challenging workout for those trying to go harder and get stronger; it’s a mental outlet to let go & find flow; and most importantly it is a community of riders, instructors and staffers all supporting each other. It’s a really cool place; I am incredibly lucky to part of it.

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