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RIDE OR DIE | Barb Barrington-Foote, Instructor

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Get to know Barb – a Vancouver Instructor with a bigger-than-life personality who plays an integral role in our West Coast community. Whether it’s 6:00AM on a Tuesday or 5:15PM on a Friday, you can always count on Barb to walk into the studio with an infectious energy, warmth…and a few jokes. She’s dedicated to ensuring each and every rider feels comfortable, works up a killer sweat, and most importantly has fun – and it shows.

Where did you grow up?

North Vancouver and to be specific, it all started up Indian Arm in Deep Cove. Needless to say I love the ocean because of it.

Can you remember your first RIDE class? How long did it take until you realized you wanted to become an instructor?

Here’s a hot ‘Barb tip’ but I have the WORST memory ever. I am pretty sure it was Julie’s class and I was SUPER thrown when she went from her teaching voice to regular voice. I already taught fitness so getting the beat isn’t unfamiliar to me but my legs and body weren’t vibing the same as the playlist. It took me almost a year of riding and becoming friends with a certain bodybykong before I knew I wanted to be up there on the podium teaching beside him and the rest of our team.

How would you describe your teaching style?

I love to laugh and be crazy and say silly stuff. My classes are extremely loud and I have the voice to match the volume. I want riders to have the time of their life in the room while smiling and sweating from start to finish.

Best part of being an instructor is…

Connecting with people – Instructors and clients. I am such a people person and it’s all the relationships I make along the way that matter most to me. Plus, there is NOTHING better than a sweaty high five at the end of class.

Track you’ve had on repeat

Rewind – Rascall Flatts & Hostile – Skism & LAXX

AM or PM rides?

Both – my schedule is jam packed with a variety of class times and I wouldn’t trade any one of them for another.

Favourite way to sweat outside of RIDE?

Thursday Bootcamp at Oxygen Yoga Yaletown taught by yours truly.

How has becoming a RIDE instructor changed you?

Things finally make sense to me; like I was meant to do this. I’ve had a long journey over the past 4 years and can easily say that I wouldn’t have done it any other way.

Go-to quote or words to live by?

You are enough. You are so enough. It’s unbelievable how enough you are.

Who motivates you?

My youngest brother Stuart – catch him riding bike 18 on weekday 6AM classes.

Where can we find you on a Saturday afternoon in the city?

I am not very good at leaving North Van. after I get home from teaching – catch me poolside in my backyard (best $60 I ever spent on that blow up pool).

Any hidden or not so hidden talents?

I can crochet a toque in 45 minutes.

If you could brunch with any person (past or present), who would it be and why?

BLESS brunch. Happy to hit up a brunch with anyone as long as they don’t feel uncomfortable with me ordering 2 drinks as soon as we sit down.

Best memory since you joined RIDE?

Teaching my first (of many) Thursday 5:15PM classes at YT. The room was full and words cannot describe how full my heart was.

#1 piece of advice for someone looking to have a killer RIDE?

Sitting is chic if you are having a hard time catching the beat (especially in runs or jogs). Trust me when I say, I was awful when I started, but everything will come with time and when it does you’ll be super amped you came back.

What has you stoked on life right now?

Waking up everyday and doing what I love EVEN if it means I am teaching/riding 20 plus classes a week.

What does RIDE mean to you?

RIDE is that place that allows one to truly be who they are. It’s much more than a spin class; it’s a community and my family. Every single person who walks through those doors matter to me.

Catch Barb on the podium at both our Hamilton and Lonsdale studios.

Photo credit: Marcy Media