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RIDE OR DIE | Michael Kong, RIDE Instructor

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Meet Michael – an OG Instructor who’s been tapping it back since RIDE first opened its doors. Whether you’ve seen Michael from afar on Instagram (his bleach blonde flow and knockout abs are hard to miss), or you’re a regular at his classes, you know he brings it. Every damn time. Get to know Michael – his teaching style, love of RIDE, not-so-hidden talents and more.

Where did you grow up?
I grew up in Victoria, British Columbia – where the air is clean and the people are kind. And surprisingly the music scene was quite ravey 😉

Can you remember your first RIDE class? How long did it take until you realized you wanted to become an instructor?
Ahahahaha – okay, sure. First week RIDE opened up I took Julie’s Sunday 11:30am class, had no idea what I was doing – I fell off the bike – I didn’t get that stupid red knob and I was also just starting to date Brookie’s friend – trying to impress him and also trying to make a good impression to Brooke – so I just kind of overdid my ego and BAM – dead. I looked at JJ in the eyes after class and was like “OH WELL! NEXT” haha now I teach the most at RIDE – so I did something right.

How would you describe your teaching style?
It is just you and me at the funnest party where all the people we think are hot are there and guess what? They think we’re hot too. We share big thoughts about being human and let each other in on how hard this life is – tho we still love life itself. No excuses tho – we gotta work – but I see you.

Best part of being an instructor is…
I have a hard time being proper – in fact I really struggle with expectation to behave. I think lots of people do. I am just like everyone else – things don’t make sense but I can’t pretend at all so when I get to be in a position to influence my friends and clients I really love seeing everyone else feel safe to shed their expectations of themselves. We are free in my RIDE – and instructing at RIDE unleashed that not only in me but also in my power to do that for others.

Track you’ve had on repeat
Honestly I am pretty sure if you ask anyone what my song is at RIDE it’s Autoerotique – AUH (Atompushers remix) – because I like my ass up high and my face down low.

AM or PM rides?
Dude – I teach at RIDE all days all times – I teach 13 classes – and I ride 5 classes a week out of my schedule. Sooooooo w/e next questioooonnn.

Favourite way to sweat outside of RIDE?

How has becoming a RIDE instructor changed you?
It unlocked me. I am free – thanks Ash Ander.

Go-to quote or words to live by?
Let me live.

Who motivates you?
My friends who breathe for me when I can’t. They aren’t just friends they are a life style too. I love them – I’d take any bullet for them. Just 16 friends who live an exclusive wide net. Some of these kids are your other instructors too.

Favourite book?
I can’t read.

What’s your #1 life hack?
I can do anything under any state. Don’t know how I do it – you guys always ask me. Still don’t know myself. Oh and using vulnerability as strength.

Where can we find you on a Saturday afternoon in the city?
Teaching you guys and then Earls Yaletown patio. Great happy hour.

Any hidden or not so hidden talents?
I am a retired professional dancer that has done a lot of weird shit for choreographers. I also am really good at Math (snore) and I am extremely good at laughing.

If you could brunch with any person (past or present), who would it be and why?
My friends. Really they are the only people I can’t live without.

Best memory since you joined RIDE?
I met someone really special who used to work in Yaletown. Since that day nothing has been the same. All for the better I assure you.

#1 piece of advice for someone looking to have a killer RIDE?
It’s not above or below you – nothing in life is. It’s about finding safe spaces to be free – and in my RIDE I guarantee you that feeling of freedom.

What has you stoked on life right now?
I have a pretty sick tan and blonde hair.

What does RIDE mean to you?
It is my job, my life, and my priority. I need it.

Catch Michael on the podium at RIDE Yaletown – view schedule.