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Get to know KATE – a RIDE regular whose positive vibe and warm smile makes our day – even at 6 in the morning. Kate also happens to be one of the co-founders of Bad Girls Collective, a growing community that unites badass women in Toronto who are on the intellectual tip (and one that we’ll be partnering up with for monthly charity rides at Ossington – stay tuned!)


What do you do for your 9-5?

I run marketing + business development for The Drake. I love it because it’s creative, I have a lot of autonomy, I’m constantly learning (*read challenged*) – and no two days are the same.


If your bestie were to describe you in three words, what would they be?

Positive, driven, supportive.


How long have you been coming to RIDE?

Since day one! I rode as many underground classes as I could and have been completely obsessed since the doors opening on Ossignton.


What motivates you to get your ass to class?

The people, the music + the feeling after a good sweat. I miss everything about it when I can’t make it for a few days. It’s the best mental break, energy boost + challenging (yet fun) workout I’ve ever experienced.


How has RIDE impacted your life?

It’s provided me with a workout regimen that I truly look forward to every single day. It has introduced me to some lifelong, like-minded pals + provided a healthy social activity.


You’re one of the Founders of the most badass girl group around, Bad Girls Collective. Tell us about all the badass things you’re up to

The mission of Bad Girls Collective is to bring strong women together to share in the power of knowledge + inspiration. Kara and I are so excited to be bringing women together in the city + beyond – across different industries, friend groups + walks of life. We’re raising money for worthy causes, engaging in meaningful discussion + most importantly learning from and supporting one another. Our goal is to reverse the tendencies to compete and compare yourself to other women + promote the idea of stronger together. We host bi-monthly ‘reads’ with boss female speakers + entertainers. We have a weekly run club in partnership with Nike + a monthly charity RIDE. We’ve hosted workshops with WealthSimple. We’ve hosted marketplaces featuring female run businesses + entrepreneurs in collaboration with This Open Space… and so much more… follow along @badgirlscollective.


Building communities is obviously a huge aspect of your life – what makes RIDE’s community so unique?

I think it’s rare + amazing for our demographic to connect and socialize over an activity that isn’t ‘party’ focused (read: fuelled by booze/substances). The connection at the core of the community is a love of fitness and at RIDE, you’re more often than not hanging out with the crew between 6-8am. With that said, what makes the community unique is the life balance that everyone maintains – a focus on career, socializing, eating + drinking – and oftentimes doing those activities with pals from the studio.


Favourite instructor and why?

I could never pick a favourite – they’re all incredible and unique – really depends on my mood/schedule.


Best RIDE memory?

We did a Bad Girls RIDE led by Alex to a playlist of all female artists and raised over $1000 for The Stop Community Food Centre. It was incredible to join two of my favourite things and get ladies to try RIDE + give back to an amazing cause. Our next charity RIDE for Sistering is happening on March 29!


What other workouts do you do outside of RIDE?

I run, box, do pilates + am a new fan of f45… but RIDE is by far my favourite, zero bias.


Song you’ve got on repeat?  

Not a RIDE-related track but I’m obsessed with Van Morrison right now and my favourite is Into the Mystic. I also love every single track on the new Charlotte Day Wilson album. And Leon Bridge’s new sound is super rad.


If you could brunch with any lady boss (past or present), who would it be?

Emily Weiss.


If you were to give a s/o to a local entrepreneur, who would it be?

My two faves + close pals: Mary Young + the team behind KOTN (Mackenzie, Ben + Rami). Their products + brands are perfection and they’re both doing a lot of great work to support community + give back.


Describe your ideal Saturday in the city.

RIDE + brunch at Union + walking around Kensignton + lots of coffee + sunshine.


Who motivates you?

So many people in my life – Kara (my Bad Girls partner), all of my passionate + driven girls, my very hardworking boyfriend, my super supportive + loving fam… I’m pretty damn lucky to be surrounded by some pretty incredible humans.


Advice to someone looking to start a side hustle?

Find something you love that makes you feel good. For us it was about bringing women together + giving back to the community. When you love it, it doesn’t feel like work + you’re more than happy to spend your ‘free time’ working to build it. There’s nothing more rewarding than building a brand/project/company from the ground up + seeing it grow.


Fave quote or words to live by?

Break the rules, scare yourself + never play it safe.


Last book you read was….

Americanah. Currently reading Call Me By Your Name – our next read is April 4!


What does RIDE mean to you?

It’s a welcome break from the hustle. Me-time. A stress reliever. And an incredible ‘community hub’ where I’ve met some pretty special like-minded humans.