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JUST IN: Ride Cycle Club is getting a blog

At RIDE, we pride ourselves as being so much more than a spin studio. When you show up to RIDE with us, you’re joining a diverse community of riders with the common love of challenging our bodies, growing stronger, getting lost in our music, and sweating…a lot. We don’t RIDE to burn calories or get a six pack (though they are great perks); our goal is to create a RIDE experience where you can take 50 minutes of your day to put your phone away, forget about deadlines, stress, or insecurities. We’re here to provide an opportunity for you to enjoy being fully present, surrounded by an incredible tribe of riders, an instructor who’s there to get you fired up through those last 8 counts of sprints, and beats that you can feel reverberate through your entire body.

We’re really proud of the unique RIDE experience we’ve created; our rides are challenging, loud, and intense, yet we work hard to ensure every new rider feels welcome and encouraged. Whether it’s your first or two hundredth RIDE with us, our goal is to have each and every one of you walk out of our classes feeling strong, confident and high on life (leg shakes are encouraged, too).

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We are so thankful for our incredible roster of instructors and die-hard riders who make each and every RIDE the badass experience it is. Since launching in 2013, we’ve built an awesome community that deserves to be celebrated. We’re stoked to be launching a space where we can put the spotlight on our incredible community – an opportunity to get to know our instructors and fellow die-hard riders, meet our community partners, view upcoming events across the country and listen to our beloved playlists (and so much more).   

We’ve got lots coming your way riders – stay tuned. In the meantime, follow us on the ‘gram at @RideCycleClub.