is A 55- minute full-body workout designed to reboot and strengthen your mind and body. In addition to the intense cardio workout, each ride tones your core, arms, back, butt and legs through a series of small movements on the bike that add dimension to your workout, while helping you find your rhythm.

Each class is set to a unique playlist and each instructor is different, keeping your mind inspired and your body challenged, each and every ride. We believe in the authority of music and its influence on your workout. Feel the rhythm. Own the bike. RIDE. 



After an intense 55 minute cardio workout we are clear, our minds are free and adrenaline is moving through our bodies. Mentally, we are powerful after we sweat. We've incorporated WHIL into RIDE because we are about progress of the body and of the mind. We give you 60 seconds to focus and select one thing that you as a rider want to accomplish after each RIDE.


We ride to get lost in the movement, the music and the pack. Get stronger, overcome obstacles and challenges, At RIDE, we believe that a workout can transform your body and mind. Ride to the rhythm of the pack. Work it out. Together we are stronger.